Why choose Rubicon?

Parents and players choose Rubicon coaching for three simple reasons. First, our coaches truly invest in our clients. We take the time and effort to develop a relationship that garners trust and we are truly passionate about our clients’ development.

Second, we understand that cricket is a wonderful way to teach life lessons and build character. We regularly receive thanks for positive role modelling and for contributing positively to all aspects of our clients’ lives, which is huge for us.

Third, our method is transformational rather than instructional. Rather than telling clients what to do, we work with them holistically, asking questions and making suggestions that enable them to understand their game, analyse situations, and make high quality decisions without us. This way, we make truly sustainable development a standard, and clients feel well equipped to make excellent decisions under pressure on and off the field.

I’m a parent, why is Rubicon a good option for my child?

We support parents as the primary role models for their kids. We welcome parental involvement in our sessions, and seek to work with you to give your child the best chance of success. We like to help parents understand some of the key concepts of our coaching so that it is easier for parents to be positively involved in their child’s cricket. Our head coach holds a current Working With Children Check, a Cricket Australia Advanced Coaching Accreditation and over a decade’s successful experience coaching young cricketers, so you know you are in good hands. If you need further assurance, read our testimonials or contact us for a chat.

What makes Rubicon different to other coaching services?

Where we differ is in the scope of our service. We believe that most coaching available is one-dimensional and unsustainable. We are available to discuss thoughts, concerns, queries and theories outside of ‘hired time’, and we measure our success on how much we can reduce clients’ reliance on us.  After all, we can’t be out in the middle with you, so we need to help you be able to coach yourself. Our students learn to understand the game, and develop the capacity to make consistently good decisions in match situations. Our free extra services are the icing on the cake!

Is it expensive?

Not really! Although we are convinced we offer a superior service, we try to make quality coaching affordable, and seek to match market rate. We offer a range of service structures designed to provide clients with quality coaching at a great price.

Do you do bowling coaching?

While we are accredited to coach bowling, our head coach’s passion lies in quality batting and fielding. Because passion is such an important part of coaching, we don’t offer specialist bowling coaching. We are however, well connected to a number of local bowling coaches in Perth, and can refer you to a suitable coach for your bowling development. We also recommend that if you are serious about becoming your best as a cricketer, that batting is an inescapable part of the game, and is worth practicing regardless of your primary role in a team.

Can anyone use Rubicon’s coaching?

We offer a range of structures to suit a range of clients. The main qualification for us is whether the client is committed to being the best they can be. If that is you, we’d be thrilled to work alongside you.

Who is @coachpaver?

Viv Paver, our head coach, is a WA local, who runs the Instagram and twitter handles @coachpaver. Have a look online and follow for innovative coaching ideas, technical advice, videos, photos and commentary.

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