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The Rubicon Elite Academy is a brand new initiative responding to Perth’s lack of high quality, intense training opportunities for keen, talented junior cricketers over the school holiday period. While sports camps and cricket clinics offer supervision, fun games and the occasional technical tip, the crowded environments and lack of expertise fail to offer cricket-specific development. As such, driven youth cricketers until now could not be satisfied, given there was no outlet to mature and improve over the school holidays. The Rubicon Elite Academy proudly offers a solution: A series of 5-day High Performance Academies designed specifically for district and PSA 1st XI/’A’ cricketers who wish to fast-track their cricket development mentally, physically, tactically and technically.

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Private coaching is an investment in your development. We get that, and our team takes that responsibility seriously. Our reputation is on the line every session, and we work to optimize your potential as a player and person. We offer a range of options to suit every cricketer who seeks guidance. More on coaching services can be found here.

“I have known Viv for over 10 years now, played all of my junior cricket with him, and played under his captaincy in our winning Darlot Cup side and WA U17s. His knowledge of the game was always… Read More

#01: Mitchell Marsh (Australian Test/ODI/T20 player)

“Having worked with Viv and seen him coach, his attention to detail is outstanding. Viv is passionate about the game and takes a genuine interest in the person he is working with, or organisation he is working for…. Read More

#02: Stew Walters (WA U17, U19 coach & Former Surrey & Glamorgan CCC pro)

“I first observed Viv Paver’s cricket batting coaching style in an adjacent net session. I was immediately impressed with his technical observations and comments, and innovative practice techniques. Most importantly however, I was impressed with his patience and… Read More

#03: Steven Betts (father of District u14)

“I’ve had the pleasure of training under Vivian for a year. I think his holistic methodology of coaching is unique and productive. Unlike most coaches, Viv understands that guidance is vital but at the same time provides the… Read More

#04: Navin Kumar (UKM – Malaysia)

“It has been a pleasure knowing Viv while he has been in Malaysia working with the High Performance Squad. I’ve also played with Viv and have learned a lot from him, as he has brought a unique mindset… Read More

#05: Virandeep Singh (Malaysia national all-rounder)

“I’ve known Viv since we played against one another in Darlot cricket over a decade ago. Since then I’ve played against him in English league cricket and both with and against him in WACA premier cricket over many… Read More

#06: Matthew Birrell (UCC Captain – WACA Premier cricket)

“I have been having batting lessons with Viv Paver since January 2014 and I have enjoyed every moment. When I first started with Viv, I was at the end of a disappointing season and desperately needed some help…. Read More

#07: Daniel Barrington (District u17)

“In my opinion, Viv is a good coach. He knows what is best for every player. Every suggestion he has offered me has proven helpful. Now I feel I can score when batting in matches. And also now… Read More

#08: Adzim Yahya (Captain UKM – Malaysia)

“I’ve been working with Viv since October 2014. When I came to him I was having a dreadful season and although I had aspirations to one day play at a high level, it seemed like it was not… Read More

#09: Jack Toohey (PSA 1st XI)

“Viv has coached our son Richard for several years now. Richard has developed exponentially during this time. He has recently been selected to play for the school sport WA Cricket Carnival in Canberra in January. Viv has an… Read More

#10: Peter Walton & Lisa Jarvis (parents of District u14)

The title begs an interesting question. With so many support roles in cricket, which are the most useful? A criticism of the current Australian men’s team is their overwhelming staff size. Rather than facilitating better communication and information exchange, the staff has been accused of clogging up those very communication pathways they are supposed to serve. Too many cooks spoil the broth! Read More

John Wooden, my favourite coach and perhaps the greatest of all time, said: “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable”. Wooden said a lot of true and important things in a long life of service, but none I’d argue more important or true than this. While we must all define our own success, ultimately, as Wooden points out, if you exhaust your physical and mental capacity in the pursuit of excellence, the result can be nothing but peace of mind.

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My recent coaching experience in Asia was an eye-opener. Perhaps the biggest shock was the overwhelming lack of communication. What little communication did occur was drowned in a sea of ambiguity. I witnessed no reliable process or protocol that allows the clear, concise transfer of information. The result was that cooperation was difficult, and reliable feedback was rare. The level of disorder would have been comical had it not had such dire consequences. Perhaps most tragically, young cricketers filled with talent and kindness, had become so accustomed to this disorder that they accepted it and unconsciously embraced it. Herein lies the topic of this piece. Communication is so important. So how can we get better?

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