#07: Daniel Barrington (District u17)

“I have been having batting lessons with Viv Paver since January 2014 and I have enjoyed every moment.

When I first started with Viv, I was at the end of a disappointing season and desperately needed some help. He encouraged me to discover and explore my strengths, as well as identify my weaknesses.
During the next six months, he helped me to work hard, improve my game and achieve my goal of making my debut for the district side.
I have not only learnt the correct batting techniques, but also how to react in different situations and what to do when I’m under pressure. I am beginning to understand that our whole life does not depend on cricket and that it really is ‘just’ a game!

Viv has helped me to develop into a much more confident player at the crease, but more importantly, believe in myself no matter what situation arises.”