#09: Jack Toohey (PSA 1st XI)

“I’ve been working with Viv since October 2014. When I came to him I was having a dreadful season and although I had aspirations to one day play at a high level, it seemed like it was not a possibility. In a little over 2 months, my batting technique was refined and I suddenly knew my game and what to do in most situations. His thought processes and dominating mindset worked hand in hand with how I wanted my game to shape up. I gained a whole lot of confidence and suddenly I wasn’t nervous when I went out to bat and found myself averaging about 35 in the next couple months. If I hadn’t found Viv’s coaching earlier, I’m not quite sure where I would be now (mentally) in regards to my batting. I also don’t know where I would be if the pressure hadn’t have been taken off me to perform, as he helped me to realise that cricket is just a game and in the scheme of things it’s a small part of your life.”