#04: Navin Kumar (UKM – Malaysia)

“I’ve had the pleasure of training under Vivian for a year. I think his holistic methodology of coaching is unique and productive. Unlike most coaches, Viv understands that guidance is vital but at the same time provides the opportunity for players to give their insight which is paramount for progress and developing a good cricketing brain.
When we started working together, I was hopeless with the bat. Viv then made some key adjustments to my technique, notably head movement and transference of weight. Add in his patience and persistence into the mix, and in no time the results were apparent.
In addition to that, Vivian has been a very useful mentor on and off the field for me. His insight on the importance of integrity and being a good teammate will always be kept in mind.
I would definitely recommend Viv Paver as a coach/mentor. His impact on players is very much a good one and is one that I am privileged to have received.
Thanks coach!”