#05: Virandeep Singh (Malaysia national all-rounder)

“It has been a pleasure knowing Viv while he has been in Malaysia working with the High Performance Squad. I’ve also played with Viv and have learned a lot from him, as he has brought a unique mindset with regard to playing the game.

The most valuable technical point I got from Viv was his helping me to understand how to seize an advantage from my height, and make the most of my long-levers to create power. I’ve worked with my national coach on this point and have figured out a method that works for me in this regard.

As a young cricketer still learning my craft, the most helpful thing about Viv’s approach is that he recognises how important it is to be approachable and have a friend-like relationship with players, where we feel comfortable and happy to share our thoughts with him. He also gets that every player will have a different method & a unique way of batting – at the end of the day, what matters is runs. If someone can score hundreds playing just reverse sweeps, who cares?! As long as he is consistent in his performances, this shouldn’t be an issue. Many other coaches struggle to accept that.

Thanks again Viv. Hope to see you around.”